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Nicole Solis is a Filipino-American illustrator, visual development artist & designer. She is passionate about Filipino mythology and representation in media! Nicole has always wanted to pursue art and has been drawing for as long as she can remember. She mainly enjoys working in digital mediums but also likes to dabble in acrylic painting.

 In her works, Nicole draws inspiration from her cultural roots, favorite animated movies & TV shows, and every day life! Many of Solis' art pieces showcase deities from Filipino mythology, specifically Apolaki and Mayari, The Philippine god and goddess of the Sun and Moon. As a Filipina woman that didn't grow up seeing many people like her in media, Nicole strives to create the representation she always wanted to see by creating artwork influenced by her culture.

Solis' works have appeared in arts showcases and an apparel collaboration. She exhibited her artwork at UniPro Texas' first annual Lumikha: We Are Here (2019) and one year later at Lumikha: We Have Begun (2020). In April 2020, Nicole collaborated on a collection with the clothing brand Abakada titled "Sun & Moon." In the Abakada collaboration, she showcased her art and designs, using the Philippine Sun & Moon deities as her muse.

Nicole Solis' dream is to one day direct an animated feature film based off of Filipino mythology, showcasing her original character designs and concept.